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How much will the Greenmont EasyPushbar™raise the height?

The EasyPushbar™ will raise the height 4" above the current height, to the approximate height of a standard grocery store shopping cart.

What tools do I need to properly attach the Greenmont EasyPushbar™ to my wheelchair?

NO tools required!! Simply open the large knobs completely and loosen the small knobs enough to allow expansion of the EasyPushbar™. Do NOT over tighten any of the knobs. Check to see the knobs are secure before each use.

Can the Greenmont EasyPushbar™ be removed easily so I can store or transport my wheelchair?

Yes, loosen the large knobs and slip off the hand grips.

How do I adjust the width of the Greenmont EasyPushbar™ to fit my wheelchair?

Once you have opened the large knobs completely, loosen slightly the two small knobs on the crossbar and until wide enough to fit over the handgrips. The EasyPushbar™ expands from 15.5" to 24". accommodating virtually all wheelchairs within that width range.

How do I measure my wheelchair?

To properly measure your chair, measure the distance between the handles, center to center when the chair is fully opened to make sure it's a good fit.

Will the Greenmont EasyPushbar™ fit a wheelchair or transport chair outfitted with hand brakes?

No, the EasyPushbar™ is NOT intended for use on wheelchairs or transport chairs with hand brakes.