The #1 Wheelchair Accessory. Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™

Easily maneuver a wheelchair with just one hand! Imagine how much easier it will be carrying packages and bags, opening doors, carrying medicines and liquids, holding a child’s hand in a crowded shopping mall or while crossing a busy street. The convenience of Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™ makes everyone much happier!



Comfort and control are created into EasyPushbar's ergonomic design! Caregivers love the raised height and strain reduction provided by our convenient wheelchair accessory.

Push with One Hand

With one hand free, our wheelchair pushbar allows you to carry necessities and open doors. What a difference a free hand makes for daily convenience!

No Tools Required

Stress-free installation with no tools necessary! EasyPushbar attaches and removes with a few quick turns of the knobs and fits most standard wheelchairs easily.


The Convenience of Greenmont’s Easypushbar™

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Securely Fastens in Seconds!

Our wheelchair Easypushbar is designed for fast installation and removal. The secure knobs are tightened and loosened by hand with no tools required! Just be careful and do not over tighten knobs or screws. Caregivers will save their backs, necks, and wrists with this easy to fasten wheelchair pushbar. EasyPush Bar now comes with NEW reinforced handles!

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Easy On/Easy Off model UPC: 040232486388 EAN: 0742832771801Security model UPC: 040232486395 EAN: 0742832771795


Find out why so many companies prefer us over others!

"We love the EasyPushbar! My friend can push with one hand and the height is perfect for her as she is 5″10″ Great customer service! The EasyPushbar is just what we were looking for. My caretaker is 5’10” so the added height, besides being so practical, made the extra inches a super deal. I recommend the EasyPushbar to anyone who own a wheelchair. Thank you so much!"

Debbie Z., California

"In Feb. 2017, I visited northern Tanzania and the EasyPushbar was a tremendous help in enabling family and friends to cover significant distances without strain. People were feeling it and letting me know when the EasyPushbar was not installed. It was truly a “back saver” and “friendship saver”. I am so grateful that you were able to help me obtain this wonderful device."

Scott M., Yonkers, NY

"I had the pleasure of using a wheelchair at the casino yesterday that had an EasyPushbar on it. I didn't have to even bend over. Pushing my wife around was like pushing a supermarket shopping cart. What a great experience! and I even got lucky at the tables! Great day all around!"

Ray L., Woonsocket, RI

"I had the pleasure of using a wheelchair at the casino yesterday that had an EasyPushbar on it. I didn't have to even bend over. Pushing my wife around was like pushing a supermarket shopping cart. What a great experience! and I even got lucky at the tables! Great day all around!"

Ray L., Woonsocket, RI

"Push bar arrived today. I installed it – piece of cake- and took my husband out to lunch. While I didn't have far to push him, the difference was immediately apparent. It was much easier to push him. It felt like my legs were doing more of the work instead of my shoulders. That is great, because my shoulders are always sore from pushing that darn chair. The design is excellent. So nice that I can move it to any wheelchair – because wheelchairs don't last forever. What a treat to have a product designed for the caregiver. Believe me, there's not much out there for us beasts of burden."

Blanche M., Colorado

"The EasyPushbar is absolutely the answer to the problem my husband (at 6’5” tall) had with wanting to push me in a manual wheelchair when I could no longer manage on my own. It has allowed him to walk without stooping to push me. And it was easy to assemble. It was priced within our means to purchase one. So many aftermarket wheelchair items are not practical even if you thought it was usable. The Customer Service offered by EasyPushbar far exceeded my expectations. I can only wish other vendors would copy the customer service page from the EasyPushbar playbook. Yes, it is really that much better. Thank you for your help."

Denise H., California

"We were needing an extension for our adult daughter's manual wheelchair. I went online and many different examples came up. I liked yours right away due to the construction and the ease of attaching it. We have just recently used it and are very happy with it. Great design and thank you."

Patty S.

"My staff really likes the EasyPushbar. In our work environment we are constantly using wheelchairs to escort our patients after surgery. Some of the patients are quite heavy and the EasyPushbar helps greatly in efficiently moving these patients."

Diane, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

"Greenmont's EasyPushbar is awesome! It makes it so easy to maneuver a family member without bending over. I am 6'10" tall and the standard way caused a lot of back strain. It is so easy now, like pushing a shopping cart! Thanks Greenmont!"

Mike B., Vernon, CT

"We went to the Iowa State Fair on Thursday without the EasyPushbar, then went back 3 days later with it installed. BIG improvement in the effort needed to push the chair, especially where it required pushing up a big hill. Worth the money!"

Jon H., of Iowa

"I used a wheelchair recently at the Mohegan Sun Casino that was equipped with an EasyPushbar. What a treat! Much easier to maneuver my Mom around and my wrists, arms and back were much less stressed at the end of the day. Thank you Mohegan Sun and the EasyPushbar!"

 Cheryl P., Stamford, CT

"The EasyPushbar has been very beneficial to me and our caregiver in helping to move my daughter in her transport chair. Prior to the bar I was unable to take her shopping, etc. I can now push the transport chair with one hand and pull the shopping cart with the other. Again, thanks for your invention! I, for one, love and appreciate it."

Betty, Jonesborough, TN

"The pushbar arrived within a week of ordering – super quick! It fits good and has been a lifesaver. Have brought my son on trips we couldn’t have gone on before with the low handles; this has saved my back from certain issues. It’s a great product and I recommend it highly. My son says thanks too as lt’s given him some extra independence also. Be well where you are!"

Christian, County Kildare, Ireland 


Hospitals, Casinos, Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, & Shopping Malls!


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Need Security?

Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™ is also available with security knobs so your EasyPushbar never gets "borrowed". A special key is used to secure the bar onto a wheelchair. Great for use in institutions with many members!

Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™ Features:

Ease of Maneuvering – Push with one hand!Expands from 15.5” to 24”Supports up to 250 lbsEasily Take On or Off – NO tools requiredErgonomically correct mannerSecurely fastens in secondsCompact for storage or transportSecurely fastens in seconds. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN KNOBS OR SCREWS!
NOTE: Not intended for use on wheelchairs with hand brakes

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